Animal Husbandry

The history of animal husbandry in Bihar starts from the pre-independence era of year 1911. Originally it was a part of ‘Agricultural Department’ from which it separated in 1949. For a long time, the Animal Husbandry was dealing with Dairy Sector as well, but in the year 1985 the ‘Dairy Development Directorate’ got a separate entity for dealing with dairy sector. Since then the animal husbandry runs under a separate entity of animal husbandry and was annexed to the Animal & Fish Resources Department. Now it includes the activities covering Cattle, Buffalo, Pig, Sheep, Goat and Poultry.

Major responsibility of Animal Husbandry Directorate is administrative control of different programmes launched under Animal Husbandry sector.

It undertakes the following activities majorly,

  • Animal health care.
  • Animal disease control and prevention.
  • Assessment of major livestock products such as milk, meat, eggs and wool.
  • Generic developments of livestock by implementing the animal breeding programmes.
  • Welfare activities of animal by implementing the prevention of cruelty to animal Acts.
  • Providing better Animals treatment facilities by disease diagnostic programmes.
  • Promoting the people for better managemental and feeding practices for animals.
  • Publicity and extension activities of animal husbandry programme.


In the pre-independence year of 1923, a separate section of fisheries was created in the finance department and fisheries extension work was carried out. In 1929, this section was transferred to Industries Department. In 1936, three posts were sanctioned to look the work of north, south and central Bihar. This section was again transferred to Agriculture Department in 1956. Sub-divisional and District posts were sanctioned to provide quality fish seed to farmers. On 10th October 1964, Government sanctioned a separate Directorate of Fisheries and was annexed to the Animal & Fish Resources Department.

As ‘Animal & Fisheries Resource Department ‘is scaling up its interventions and is in process of implementing many projects and programmes in Bihar, It has become necessary to conduct recruitment of requisite staff for A & FRD. This is the dedicated recruitment website created by HR agency designated for the recruitment. The candidate can get the necessary Information regarding different phases of the recruitment for here as well as contact support team in case of any query.